Marjan Food Group started its investment in Vancouver, Canada in 2020 as an importer, marketer, and distributor of Iranian food products and other foreign brands. In recent years, these products have been trendy in North America. Most Canadians, Iranians, and other people living in North America discover these healthy and delicious products by going to grocery stores and mainstream markets.

We serve wholesalers, distributors, and retailers, and Marjan Foods is the preferred supplier of quality Middle Eastern and Mediterranean foods in North America. We have a large warehouse with enough products and our shipping companies can deliver orders anywhere in Canada, especially Vancouver and Toronto, as quickly as possible.

At every stage of the work process, Marjan Food tries to provide excellent services, timely delivery, and the highest quality, not only in supplying the company’s products but also in importing, packaging, and cooperating with its regular customers. Ensuring the quality and health of products has always been one of the main concerns of this company to attract customers. For this reason, the company’s quality control unit is always active and diligent in checking the products before sending them to the customer.


Marjan Food Company with more than 150 types of food and edible products is a leader in the supply of the following products, which we distribute in more than 5 central provinces of Canada:

  • Basmati rice and northern Iran
  • Pickles and seasonings
  • Roasted, flavored and raw nuts
  • All kinds of quality fresh dried fruits
  • All kinds of chocolates, cookies, biscuits, and drinks
  • Herbs and food spices and pickles
  • Honey and jam
  • Saffron

. Types of tea

  • Canned, frozen products, etc


Marjan Food Group has established itself as one of the leading and developing small businesses in the ethnic food sector. The Marjan Food brand and our products are produced by large and reliable Iranian, Afghan, Middle Eastern, etc. companies and represent prominent brands in the top markets. Our import department works continuously to provide the most authentic goods from Iran, Afghanistan, Turkey, China, UAE, India, Pakistan, etc.

Sales and distribution

We have a wide distribution in Canada, especially Vancouver, and Toronto, and we are running.

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